Hi everyone!

I’m Stephanie and I’m a strong believer that in doing what you love is the best way to live. That’s why, I’m currently a student studying in Toronto but I am originally from Vancouver, BC.  I’ve always been really passionate about design in general, specifically interior design, fashion… and food!  I LOVE to try all sorts of different and unique food fusions and I feel that my love for fashion speaks the same language :) .  Possibilities are endless and I feel that everything I love helps to identify a part of me.

I find this to be particularly true about fashion because there are infinite personalities leading to an infinite number of styles. Every look tells a story of how we would like to be perceived by the world but also portrays an inner part of us as a unique individual.  The desire by each of us to express ourselves makes fashion an important part of identity and acts as a form of communication and self-expression.

I feel that the world is really big especially when I love to go out, meet new people and share interesting stories!  I designed this website to share my world with all of you and I look forward to hearing all of your stories too.  I’m a firm believer that every moment that we live and breathe is a moment worth cherishing. That is why I am known to go crazy with my camera because I want to remember all the small details that make life so beautiful. I take millions of pictures of just about anything and everything… especially food! Did I mention I love to eat? :)

Thanks for dropping by and remember, always smile! It’s infectious ;)

- Stephanie

Photograph Courtesy of Meri Kimura

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  • dreamerofdreams

    Amazing! And what an awesome photo! ;)

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